Gilbert Salinas

He was born on 1972 in Boston, Massachusetts.

He moves to Puerto Rico at the age of 7. He shows interest in art at an early age. He starts taking art classes at the Academy of Central Arts in Arecibo with professor and painter Roland Borges Soto.

His passion for the arts makes him go back to college in 2007 to finish his studies. In 2009 he completed his Bachelor Degree in Humanities with concentration in the Plastics Arts: with emphasis in painting. Some of his professors were Martín García, Pablo Rubio and Nestor Millán, among others.

During this period he becomes friends with the great master painter Domingo García, to whom he continuously takes his paintings for advice and critic. He considers Domingo García as one of his teachers and his mayor influence.

Since graduating, he has been active in constant art shows. In April 2011 he is presented with the opportunity to open a gallery for which he called upon other artists to join him to make it happen. Since then he has maintained his gallery with the painter and main partner, Dr. José Saldaña (former president of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras) at the second level of Galería Paseos in Cupey, PR.

His works have appeared in articles of magazines, newspapers and television. Currently many of his works are part of private collections in Puerto Rico, New York, California, Orlando, Texas, Mexico and Brazil, among others.