Painter, graphic and digital artist. Moya studied at Eastern New Mexico University, the Pratt Graphic Arts Center in Brooklyn, the New School for Social Research in New York, the New York-Phoenix School of Design, and the University of Southern California. His work was frequently exhibited in and outside Puerto Rico, including his career retrospective in Hawaii in 1998. In the late eighties he experimented with digital graphics and in 1989 created the first digital portfolio in Puerto Rico, for which he was invited to give a seminar at Pratt Graphic Center in New York. During the early nineties he was named artist-in-residence at the University of Puerto Rico, where he also he taught. He frequently approached digital media as a research tool for his paintings or, as he said, as “an electronic sketch pad” that allowed him to experiment with color schemes before working on canvas. His paintings are generally semi-abstract in style and characterized by swift brushstrokes, loaded with pigment, which gives the paintings great expressive power.